Great things of 2014 - Something in the Way. @Les Territoires Montreal, QC.

This past Summer I had the good fortune of stumbling into Les Territories in the Belgo building in Montreal, QC. on a sweltering hot day in august.  A set of workshops led by the Berlin-based sculptor Miriam Jonas. With title Something In The Way, the 2014 Creation workshops set out to examine the notion of limits as an enduring concern in contemporary sculptural practice. The resulting objects both interactive and playful riffed on this theme - the viewer became collaborator as they engaged with the objects pushing them around the space.  Simple in design and execution, this exhibition demonstrated brilliantly all that I love about sculpture, space and the thinking artist.

Participating artists:
Charles-Antoine Blais Métivier - David Martineau Lachance - Jean-Sébastien Massicotte-Rousseau - Lauren Klenow - Miriam Jonas