An original, a patriot, a troubadour out of time, a hobo, a rail car jumper, a plywood poet – a Canadian,  Stompin’ Tom Connors.  It is with a heavy heart I heard the news from my son, fresh off the twittersphere Wednesday night. 

It is not his comedic hits I will remember him by (although Goodbye Rubberhead so long Boob has a special place in my heart) but rather his genuine, honest, self-made artistry.  Yes, everyone has his time but, with Tom gone, it makes me sad because it gives to wonder who will sing or write songs about the Old Algoma line, a mine fire in Timmins, Tillsonburg, Skinners Pond, Big Joe Mufferaw, Wawa, Second Narrows Bridge disaster, The Gaspe, or anything truly Canadian? We are collectively richer because someone did.

Rest in Peace Tom, Canada seemed smaller with you around, but it is bigger now because of you!