This portfolio features selected imagery and installations created over a 25-year period. It serves as a record of ideas and images and provides insight into current work.

Watercolour . Consumer Theatre

Colage Maquettes . Consumer Theatre

.fun - Famed, Fairs, Flavour & other F words

a selection of B&W photography spanning about a decade covering various formats and subject matter.


This project and installation explores the idea of reductionism. It questions, how and why the ideas and rules of separation and classification, pervade in society and our collective psyche today.


… a curious private language of its own, each profession developing its private code or dialect and finally each individual coming to be a kind of linguistic island, separated from everyone else.
— Fredric Jameson. From Postmodernism And Consumer Society

The Thinker,  The Lover,  The Rebel

The idea of an urban mythology and its sources, an amalgam of contemporary narratives and allegories weave their way through this installation.  The three large carvings (8 foot cedar and tamarack wood), The Thinker, The Lover, The Rebel, come from the same story well of human subconscious as all narratives of human existence no matter the pictography. 




a continuing exploration of packaging and consumer society as related to sculpture and architecture


sculptural ideas


a short cross-section of various works over a 25 year period