Shelter in its Various Forms


11" x 14" Wet-plate Cardboard Camera

All these images where taken with a purpose built camera assembled from  ordinary corrugated cardboard (yes, even the plate holder) and a 14" process lens.


Family Portraits

Portraiture is a mainstay (and breadwinner) of photography since its inception and doubly so it seems, for the wetplate community. And so it is with my tongue firmly planted in cheek, I present my latest group of work, somewhat loosely named - Family, Friends and Acquaintances.


Sheesham & Lotus & Son

On a cold march morning in 2014 the gentlemen came by to sit patiently as I captured their likenesses in collodion, in between the plates drying they nipped off to lay down tracks for some high stepping music.


Handmade Children

Eerily presented here is my collection of plaster molds of baby doll heads. It is the nature of a mold that, depending on how you look at it, the volume can seem either concave or convex.  It is this spooky shifting of space/volume that I love.